The Moth

The moth is all about speed and fun – which actually is the same for a moth sailor…

The international Moth class has been around since 1928. It is an open development class accredited by ISAF. More than 80 years of continous evolution an some revolutions lead to today’s carbon fibre high performance dinghies. The moth has got 30kg all up weight, is 33cm wide and flies on hydrofoil designs. A video of the boat probably explains it better than a lot of words:

The rules are really simple: 3.35m long, 2.25m wide, no trapez, one hull, single
handed, 8 sqm sail area. You can find the detailed rules here
Nowadays there are two kinds of moth, the lowriders without foils and the foilers which can reach more than 25kn. As I am only interested in foilers I called this side foilermoth.

There are still lots of people building boats by themselves and there are also numerous boat builders in the world and I am representing one of them, the Assassin moth in Europe. But even when you buy a manufactured boat you are free to change nearly anything.

Sailing a foilermoth is just an awesome lot of fun. You are the fastest boat on the water overtaking everyone. Foiling is also a silent affair, no noise as there is no water splashing against the hull.

In general moth sailors are highly competitive on the water but know how to enjoy beer after the races. Also mothies are not good at keeping secrets. Usually all new developments are shared and everyone is always willing to give away tips and tricks.

If you want to find out more about the moth you can always contact me or arrange a testsail with me in Berlin.


more videos

General Moth Class Information

Length overall 3.355 m
Beam 2.250 m
Max. luff length 5.185 m
Max. mast length 6.250 m
Hull weight Unrestricted, general weight range 10-20kgs
Rigged Weight

as little as 26kgs


Sail area 8m
Restrictions Multihulls, trapezes, moveable seats and sailboards are prohibited.
Optimum skipper weight 60-90kgs (Assassin offers stiffer boats for heavier sailors)