unpacking and putting it all together

December 13th, 2009

On Saturday I finally had the time to go to the sailing club during daylight to unpack the newly arrived Assassin and put it together.

When I started it was a cold (but not too cold) sunny December day without any wind. First task was to unscrew the lid of the glass fibre travel box. Unfortunately the box was screwed with screws that had a square head. I knew of this in advance but couldn’t find one of those screwdrivers. Thus I had to unscrew everything with pliers. Then, finally, the box was open:


Now the happy unpacking started. I think I have never seen so much bubble wrap in one place :-) After I had moved everything from inside the box to the outside I could finally start the assembly. Everything was marked and I didn’t use the manual much.

Next step was to get the wingbars and the tramps on and adding the rotating mast stump and the compression struts. After that I had to do a lot of rope work with the cunningham, vang and outhaul.


Unfortunately by now it already got really dark and it also started to snow. Thus I just left it as it was and put the cover on. Now I still need to go to the club again to put the foils together, attach the gantry and the wand. In addition I still have to do the minor tasks like tying the plugs to the centerboardcase so I don’t lose them (again), attaching the prodder and so on.

All in all I am happy that my Assassin is here and it is absolutely gorgeous. On the other hand I am mad as the lake started to freeze and I probably won’t be able to go sailing before March anyhow :(

my Assassin has arrived

December 11th, 2009

I just returned from the ICEF North America Conference in Miami yesterday. It was great to get away from the winter in Europe and enjoy some sun. As I had some free time during Wednesday I took the chance and took an old Hobie 16 out on the water. It was some fun to get out on the water but these Hotel Resort boats just suck. When I got back on shore the Ritz Carlton’s beach manager said she had never seen someone sailing as good. I was puzzled and thought about what kind of idiots usually take out those boats.

After a long flight from Miami to Berlin over London I finally arrived in Berlin Tegel at 4pm. Lufthansa had informed me at 3am in the morning Miami time that my Assassin had arrived the day earlier. Thus I asked Lukas to pick me and the boat up to the airport and then bring it down to VSaW. After quite some time clearing customs and getting the paperwork done a forklifter delivered the box:

Unfortunately it was already dark so we just unloaded the box and left it at the Club.

On the one hand I am really excited to go down to the sailing club tomorrow and rigg the boat up. On the other hand I am upset, as my boat arrived 5 month late and now the weather forecast shows a snowstorm for the weekend and the water has 2°C. In addition it also gets dark at 4:15h.

I will keep you updated…

The third Assassin arrived in Europe

November 17th, 2009

Niki just received his boat which now makes three moth in Europe in total. While I am still waiting for mine you can enjoy this video I found on Niki’s blog.

learning the art of patience – again

October 27th, 2009

It has been a while since I last blogged. This is due to the fact that not much sailing has been going on. After my breakage at Garda I was looking forward to the moth training at lake Neusiedel with Niki and Doug, but that didn’t happen as Assassin wasn’t capable of delivering a boat to any of us. So I stayed in Berlin.

The next event was the regatta at the Schlei that Fred organized (after I pushed him to do so). You can find an article about it on Fred’s blog.  Unfortunately I received a call on Thursday that our dog had to be put to sleep. As my parents were not there I drove down to Olpe to take over this task. After 14 years of a good life it was time to say goodbye to Kaja. Here is a picture of her and me I just found again:


Thus I missed the last regatta of the season. It is time for winter now which means lots of wind and hopefully no ice on the water.

The other notable thing that could have happened is the delivery of my Assassin. Unfortunately that didn’t take place yet either. I expected the boat on time for Garda in the middle of September. Since then I have gotten numerous delivery dates but still the boat hasn’t been shipped.

As there is basically no communication going on I can just guess when the boat will arrive. Maybe I can put it under the tree for Christmas (2010?). The guys who know me are aware of my level of patience – it doesn’t exist. I feel reminded of the old Bladerider days when customers waited for 12 month for their boats ;-)

If you want some advice: if you are impatient get a Mach2, if you want to have a great boat that is very innovative and state of the art wait for an Assassin (maybe bridge the time till the Assassin arrives with a Mach2 !?)

Fortunately I stuck to the advice Adam May has given me in Kiel 2008:

With boats is the same as it is with women: never get rid of the old one until the new one is ready. I haven’t put my BR on the market yet and that makes waiting just a tiny bit easier.

My rudder arrived / new Assassin T-Shirts

September 16th, 2009

After a shipping nightmare ( 2 weeks stop over in London) my Holroyd rudder finally arrived. British Airways screwed up badly and Embassy freight promised me to never use them again.

My first thought when I got the package was that Holly must enjoy packing things up. The rudder was packaged very artistically like you can see here:

Like you can see the Holroyd rudder is actually one piece and it looks amazing. Devin already had a chance to sail with his as his was probably not delivered by BA. Here is what he thinks about it:
“6-8 knot of wind.  The rudder is amazing and so much stiffer the first jib I almost tossed myself off the boat. It takes about half the rudder movement.  I had a 18.3 ten second average and 19 knot top speed in maybe 8 knot of wind max.  It was light enough that I had trouble getting up on the foils, but was ripping once I was up. …  So I was ripping along at 18 knots with a 1 meter roster tail going behind the boat.  The rudder really is perfect.  Plus the work I did on the
main foil and control system, the  boat feels like a completely different boat. Looking forward to trying to tomorrow in some more breeze.  Nothing broke so I am really happy with how everything feels on the boat at the moment.”

I am packing up for Garda and cannot wait to try the new rudder there…

In addition to the new rudder something else happened: I picked up the new shirts I made to promote the Assassin and foilermoth.com. They were printed using screenprint and are really high quality. Here are a couple pictures of it:


Here you can see Cassian (our awesome designer who deserves all credit for studdex and foilermoth) trying on the first shirt:


If you want to have a shirt for yourself they cost € 25 (+ shipping when you don’t live in Germany). Just email me to felix@foilermoth.com

Harald’s mould

September 12th, 2009

As promised I wanted to show you the pictures of Harald’s mould. Besides Doug Harald is the only one still building his own boats. Harald complained to me that he has got too much work to do and thus doesn’t progress as fast as he would like. It is a real shame the so called recession hasn’t hit the Bodensee yet.

Anyhow, here are the pics:

I think the transom is really interesting as Harald has chosen a narrow design again like we have seen on many boats before the foilers came along. However it is not as radical as the Mistress was…

Harald’s bending rudder

September 3rd, 2009

Today I got news from the shipping company: my new Holroyd rudder for my BR will arrive on Saturday, exactly one day too late. (my colleague asked the ingenious question why shipments never arrive one day too EARLY?)

However I can still go to Kiel on Friday thanks to Manfred who offered me his spare rudder. Thank you Manfred! I love this class and its sailors.

When I was in Zwischenahn Harald gave me a few files I want to share with you. Harald is an mothie veteran that returned to the class when he bought “All the way May” from Sven Cloppenburg(?) in 2006 (he returned when I had my first moth regatta, also at Zwischenahn). By now he has converted this boat to a foiler building his own foils. He doesn’t come out of the water early but he is surely fast once he does. Also he has to sit pretty far aft but see for yourself. Here is a video that was taken on the Bodensee, Harald’s native lake:

Take a close look to the rudder. It was actually built too light and thus bends like crazy. Here you can see it close-up

Harald and his bending rudder

on the internet it is called sharing, not stealing

August 28th, 2009

As you might have noted Jon Emonson has joined the ranks of foilermoth together with Niki. He has already been waiting more than 3 weeks now for his Assassin to arrive but somehow the shipping company screwed everything up. He will start posting once he has got something to post about (i.e. his Assassin).

Also this week Phil made me really proud as he changed his site http://www.mothflyers.co.uk/ because he liked our foilermoth site so much. When I looked at his new site I found two videos I really needed to show you.

The first one is probably the most exciting moth racing video ever (due to the comments and the quality) and shows Nathan and Bora chasing each other at the worlds. Like I said I stole got this one from Phil:

And here is the other video I have stolen borrowed from Phil. I shows Cookie doing foiling gybes and is really educational (you know I love education, don’t you?)

I am waiting for my Holroyd rudder for my BR now. it should arrive next week just before the German Nationals. Here is a pic titled black gold…

black gold 011

lots of improvements in the web – none on the water

August 26th, 2009

As I lost my rudder there hasn’t been anything happening on the water. I didn’t go to Kühlungborn but attended the 50 year anniversary of my Yacht Club, met a lot of folks and drank a bit too much and had loads of fun.

In the meantime however we have done some modifications to foilermoth. First of all we changed my blog from foilermoth.blogspot.com to www.foilermoth.com/blog as I wanted to integrate it into foilermoth entirely. I think the result looks nice but the problem is that everyone lost their rss feeds. Please update them (top right corner).

The second change we’ve made is opening up foilermoth.com to other mothies. Niki became the official reseller for Austria for the Assassin and thus we decided to share the site. You will soon see some blog posts from him as well as from Jon Emonson. You can now also find Niki’s contact details here.

We also tweaked the site a bit and  changed the blogroll and made it a lot faster so you can finally enjoy using it. If you want to see your blog here too, please contact me.

After some requests we have also added the foilermoth.com artwork to the side for download. If you want any of it you can have it here.

Also the worlds have produced some nice pictures that we will upload soon as well.

no regatta in Kühlungsborn

August 20th, 2009

Last week I had a lot of fun following the worlds. The level of professionalism the class has achieved boat wise and sailor wise is just unbelievable. And once again I realized that the Americans just know how to do a good event. The coverage on the web (photos, twitter, blogposts) etc were awesome and the sponsors they got were impressive. The worlds were just run like a business and I think it was to everyones benefit.

I myself also had a lot of fun sailing last week as Alex (the guy from Dubai) also put his BR on Stienitzsee for the weekend and we could go out in perfect conditions with two boats. As I usually don’t have a sailing partner it was quite a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately I had a little accident on Sunday that caused me to lose my rudder:

I was foiling near the shoreline when a canoe came out of the bushes. All I could do was an emergency gibe followed by an emergency capsize. When I righted the boat I didn’t think of anything bad until I grabbed the tiller extension and didn’t feel anything. Then I realized that my whole rudder (vertical and horizontal) was gone. First we rescued the boat and towed me back in and then we searched for the rudder for 2.5h and didn’t find it. I never wanna have a black rudder again ;-(

My insurance is not yet sure if they are going to pay for it as they only pay for stuff that is connected tightly with the boat (a moth rudder definitely is in my opinion). However in my opinion the BR rudder is just too expensive so I ordered a Holroyd foil from Darran and Holly yesterday. It should be here before the German nationals.

Unfortunately it won’t be here for the regatta in Kühlungsborn and thus I decided to fly to cologne tomorrow to attend the 50year celebration of our sailing club and see my parents again (it has been 4 month).

I hope everyone going to Kühlungborn is having a great regatta, See you all in Kiel