I am Back / AC 45 World Series Plymouth

Hi all,
I haven’t blogged for more than a year due to lack of fun associated with the Assassin Fiasco, due to laziness and due to too much going on in my businesses.
Anyhow, I am finally over the Assassin thing (my boat is sold and all legal battles have ceased) and in a lot better mood business wise. And then when I sailed the zhik German Nationals at Wittensee (great post by Manfred here) I got addicted to moth sailing again – even though my result was the worst it could be with lots of letters on the scoresheet and a broken boat.
Anyhow I have decided to straighten all that out and I am starting with my own tool shed in Berlin, as I don’t want to do carbon work in my kitchen anymore (after sanding my assassin rudder I could find carbon dust in my kitchen drawers for weeks ;) . So first task is to set up shop and get the moth repaired and add a few xtras (ride hide adjuster and adjustable wand).
I also decided to spend more time mothing and I am especially happy that the German class association decided to put some funds up to organize professional trainings, powerboat and all.

I will write more about the topics mentioned above later but currently I got another topic I would like to share with you: I am in Plymouth watching the America’s Cup world series. And I can tell you one thing: the xtreme 40 series is a joke compared to this. It is just amazing how big and well organized this event is. The logistics measure up to formula 1 and the racing has been spectacular with 3 capsizes today, sun and 25kn of wind. The racing was very close and intense and it was awesome to watch the screen and the water simultaneously.

Plymouth made for a great venue as you are standing on a cliff and look down on the boats. When the boats where at the leeward gate you could see all the action – for the windward gate I used binoculars. I also managed to shoot some fotos:

Americas Cup World Series Plymouth

I’ll write a longer article about my impressions in the next few days.

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  1. Phil says:

    Welcome back Felix! It’s been a while. Glad to hear all is sorted and you’ve found your love again for the moth! If you passing Worthing on the way back from the AC Let me know and we can meet up.


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