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Lake Garda

Monday, September 27th, 2010

I decided not to sail any regattas this year (except some on Wannsee) as I am still financially crushed by the Assassin nightmare. However I followed the europeans and the blog-mothosphere very closely and I can’t wait to get my boat sorted out and start sailing competitively again.

In the meantime I have been working on a new project, an online store for sailing clothes and boat accessoires. It all started in March when we figured out that all the german online retailers are stuck in the 90ties. So we took our hard earned web knowledge we got from studdex and set up alendra which launched on June 6th. By now we got one full time employee and our goal is to be perfectly prepared for the season in February.

Last week I took my only vacation since March and went to our annual family meeting to Lake Garda with alendra (my Tornado) and heavencanwait 4 (my assassin). When I arrived on Saturday I was welcomed by a nice breeze, sun and 26°C. A dream come true. I managed to set up both boats on Saturday evening so everything was prepared for Sunday.


On Sunday morning I headed out with my Assassin and it behaved great. I was chasing the surfers and had lot of fun. However after some time my assassin behaved worse and worse. I capsized every 10m and I couldn’t tack anymore. So all I did was jibe and try to get back to shore. It took nearly on hour till I got back on shore. There I figured out what the problem was: My hull was filled with water. When I unscrewed the inspection hatch I saw that the hull was 3:4 full with water after just 3 hours on the water. After I drained my boat and I also discovered cracks in the main foil. The outer coating was chipped and one could see the cracks in the carbon at the joint. After that I was reasonably pissed and decided to pack up the Assassin. I also decided to sell it. If anyone want it offers start at EUR 4000. The highest bidder till end of October will get it.

After that I still had lot of fun with heavencanwait 3 (my bladerider) and alendra (the tornado). One afternoon me and my dad took alendra and went up all the way to Malcesine and then hoisted the gennaker in 6 beaufort. We easily clocked 24 to 30 knots downwind and nearly pitchpoled twice. It was pure fun.

Unfortunately it started raining on Friday and the outlook for the weekend wasn’t any better. Thus I decided to pack up my things a day early and drove back to Berlin on Friday night. When I arrived on Saturday morning at 9am lots of lasers where in the boatyard as they had the Berlin district masters. As it was a perfect sunny day with 14knots I unloaded my Bladerider and followed the lasers to the starting line. There I had lots of fun foiling around all the boats. Many laser sailors looked at me in awe and to quote Koos: the per knot price of a moth is definitely worth it.

Around 1am I got really tired as I didn’t get any sleep and I went back to the club, packed up the boat and then went home where I fell asleep right away.

Now the weather in Berlin turned cold (around 14°) and I can already picture me sailing in snow in my drysuit. Something to look forward to ;-(