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Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

With great interest I have read all the blog posts about the UK and the German nationals. As always Phillippe has covered the UK very well while Fred is still Germany’s best blogger and also very active joining lots of events.

I personally didn’t attend any moth regattas this year and do not plan to do so. Instead I try to clock as many hours as possible on Wannsee. With the current amount of work it is just easier to sail here instead of travelling.

Even though I still managed to sail one regatta outside of Berlin: Kiel Week. I teamed up with my dad on the Platu 25 and we had lots of fun in Kiel even so the wind was rather light.

On the Assassin front nothing has happened. Fastcraft has not responded at all and is just dead silent. I am still trying to get my money back but have decided not to focus too much time on this matter but rather move on.  In the meantime I keep hearing stories about Assassin breakages and just feel sorry for all those sailors that bought one.

If I would have put all the time I spent with fastcraft improving my sailing I could pull off foiling jibe after foiling jibe now.