Assassin follow up II

By now many people have said a lot of stuff about my post from Friday. Many people think that it was not appropriate to publish everything the way I did and badmouth fastcraft. And I agree with them. It was not a nice thing to do but I still don’t regret doing so. fastcraft had a lot of time to solve the issues and even though it appears I have made a split decision let me assure you that it took me more than 7 month of trying other means to solve the issue. I had long skype discussions with various mothies about the issue and finally decided to go public so other people are not tricked the way I was.
To make one thing clear, it is not my goal to change anything with my post. It is not meant as a tactic to pressure fastcraft into doing anything. I personally have given up on them and don’t believe they will ever be decent business man.
And there is a second point I want to make clear: I never did get involved with fastcraft to make a lot of money and it wasn’t a pure business decision. However I did not expect all the amount of trouble and financial loss that occured. From my talks with Darren and Holly I was convinced that they understood customer support and were eager not to repeat Bladeriders mistakes – I was wrong!

In the meantime it was demanded that all references to my blog or fastcrafts blog are taken down from the IMCA site. I have sent an email saying that I understand the situation and that I won’t object as long as it is not permanent.

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