Update to the post never ever buy an assassin moth

Yesterday I published the post Never, ever buy an Assassin moth. The story of how I got fucked. Today the first responses came in. 4 people have commented on the post, some supportive, some not liking me going public.

In addition I have received a long email from an Assassin owner who agrees with me and who had waited forever and when he finally got his boat it kept breaking. He said that the boat looked like it had been build by “a small blind monkey”.

In addition Assassin has repsonded to the post too:

Lost Owners

Anyone who has paid Felix Schulte, Germany money and not received a boat please contact the factory, sales@fastcraft.co.nz
He is not a reseller, under no circumstances pay him any money for anything related to Assassin.

To make things clear: I haven’t taken any money from customers since late October. Instead I suggested to everyone to wait till the issues are resolved. I personally do not want to have anything to do with fastcraft anymore and I have changed the foilermoth.com website and got rid of all mentions of Assassin.
Currently there is only one person who has paid money to me and is still waiting for his boat. He has paid the 30% downpayment and the other funds assassin still has are from my company olapa. Unfortunately we have a disagreement about how much has been paid due to differences in exchange rates and banking charges. (the difference in exchange rates amounts to NZD 2400) Thus I have repeatedly asked for their statements of account so we can solve the issue. Unfortunately that has not been provided yet.
And of course there is one customer who has made a downpayment but does not want a boat anymore. I refunded his money and told Holly to use the downpayment for remaining balance of another boat. She told me that I don’t need to take the boat but they would keep the downpayment. All this can be read in detail in my previous post.

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