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the Assassin’s Holroyd foils

Monday, February 1st, 2010

there is not much going on at the moment as all lakes are solidly frozen and I haven’t sailed any boats since Nov. 28th. With the winter as strong as it is only DN sailors like Fred have some fun.

In the meantime I thought I take the time and show you some more details about the Assassin. The foils have been designed by Nick Holroyd who is involved with the Emirates Team New Zealand. The rudder is very radical in design with the vertical being aft the horizontal. My first one broke but after some reinforcements on the joint there haven’t been any complaints. The main foils jont is very unique as it connects on a wider area and features two screws. In addition the Assassin foils are a lot longer than the BRs.

The wand mechanism is very simple and direct. An axle runs over the bow and the pushrod is lying inside a channel to the center board. Here are some pics to explain all the bs I just wrote ;-)