Bladerider is bankrupt! – and reborn

My last post “is bladerider bankrupt” got quite a lot of attention and from all the comments I have received the following story seems plausible:

Bladerider had lots of problems and decided to voluntarily wind up the company. It seems like many investors and suppliers lost large amounts in this process. In addition the website is down. The domain is owned by KA Sails and we will probably see Amac using it sometime in the future.

In the meantime Bladerider has been re-incorporated as Bladerider 2010 Ltd. This new company is probably going to sell the old boats they still have had in stock (with guarentee???). Unfortunately no information is available on this new entity – they don’t even have a website…

I am curious to find out more and to see what happens with BR till the worlds…

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  1. Harald says:

    Hi Felix,
    das zu lesen ärgert mich sehr. Hat die Firma zu viel Verbindlichkeiten macht man sie einfach zu und lässt die Lieferanten einfach auf dem Trockenen sitzen. Dann macht man einfach die nächste Firma auf, dank Ltd, Gmbh, ect…, pfui Teu***. Will man wirklich ein Boot von so einer Firma? Wie siehts aus mit Garantie?
    Gruss, Harald

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