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unpacking and putting it all together

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

On Saturday I finally had the time to go to the sailing club during daylight to unpack the newly arrived Assassin and put it together.

When I started it was a cold (but not too cold) sunny December day without any wind. First task was to unscrew the lid of the glass fibre travel box. Unfortunately the box was screwed with screws that had a square head. I knew of this in advance but couldn’t find one of those screwdrivers. Thus I had to unscrew everything with pliers. Then, finally, the box was open:


Now the happy unpacking started. I think I have never seen so much bubble wrap in one place :-) After I had moved everything from inside the box to the outside I could finally start the assembly. Everything was marked and I didn’t use the manual much.

Next step was to get the wingbars and the tramps on and adding the rotating mast stump and the compression struts. After that I had to do a lot of rope work with the cunningham, vang and outhaul.


Unfortunately by now it already got really dark and it also started to snow. Thus I just left it as it was and put the cover on. Now I still need to go to the club again to put the foils together, attach the gantry and the wand. In addition I still have to do the minor tasks like tying the plugs to the centerboardcase so I don’t lose them (again), attaching the prodder and so on.

All in all I am happy that my Assassin is here and it is absolutely gorgeous. On the other hand I am mad as the lake started to freeze and I probably won’t be able to go sailing before March anyhow :(

my Assassin has arrived

Friday, December 11th, 2009

I just returned from the ICEF North America Conference in Miami yesterday. It was great to get away from the winter in Europe and enjoy some sun. As I had some free time during Wednesday I took the chance and took an old Hobie 16 out on the water. It was some fun to get out on the water but these Hotel Resort boats just suck. When I got back on shore the Ritz Carlton’s beach manager said she had never seen someone sailing as good. I was puzzled and thought about what kind of idiots usually take out those boats.

After a long flight from Miami to Berlin over London I finally arrived in Berlin Tegel at 4pm. Lufthansa had informed me at 3am in the morning Miami time that my Assassin had arrived the day earlier. Thus I asked Lukas to pick me and the boat up to the airport and then bring it down to VSaW. After quite some time clearing customs and getting the paperwork done a forklifter delivered the box:

Unfortunately it was already dark so we just unloaded the box and left it at the Club.

On the one hand I am really excited to go down to the sailing club tomorrow and rigg the boat up. On the other hand I am upset, as my boat arrived 5 month late and now the weather forecast shows a snowstorm for the weekend and the water has 2°C. In addition it also gets dark at 4:15h.

I will keep you updated…