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learning the art of patience – again

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

It has been a while since I last blogged. This is due to the fact that not much sailing has been going on. After my breakage at Garda I was looking forward to the moth training at lake Neusiedel with Niki and Doug, but that didn’t happen as Assassin wasn’t capable of delivering a boat to any of us. So I stayed in Berlin.

The next event was the regatta at the Schlei that Fred organized (after I pushed him to do so). You can find an article about it on Fred’s blog. ¬†Unfortunately I received a call on Thursday that our dog had to be put to sleep. As my parents were not there I drove down to Olpe to take over this task. After 14 years of a good life it was time to say goodbye to Kaja. Here is a picture of her and me I just found again:


Thus I missed the last regatta of the season. It is time for winter now which means lots of wind and hopefully no ice on the water.

The other notable thing that could have happened is the delivery of my Assassin. Unfortunately that didn’t take place yet either. I expected the boat on time for Garda in the middle of September. Since then I have gotten numerous delivery dates but still the boat hasn’t been shipped.

As there is basically no communication going on I can just guess when the boat will arrive. Maybe I can put it under the tree for Christmas (2010?). The guys who know me are aware of my level of patience – it doesn’t exist. I feel reminded of the old Bladerider days when customers waited for 12 month for their boats ;-)

If you want some advice: if you are impatient get a Mach2, if you want to have a great boat that is very innovative and state of the art wait for an Assassin (maybe bridge the time till the Assassin arrives with a Mach2 !?)

Fortunately I stuck to the advice Adam May has given me in Kiel 2008:

With boats is the same as it is with women: never get rid of the old one until the new one is ready. I haven’t put my BR on the market yet and that makes waiting just a tiny bit easier.