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My rudder arrived / new Assassin T-Shirts

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

After a shipping nightmare ( 2 weeks stop over in London) my Holroyd rudder finally arrived. British Airways screwed up badly and Embassy freight promised me to never use them again.

My first thought when I got the package was that Holly must enjoy packing things up. The rudder was packaged very artistically like you can see here:

Like you can see the Holroyd rudder is actually one piece and it looks amazing. Devin already had a chance to sail with his as his was probably not delivered by BA. Here is what he thinks about it:
“6-8 knot of wind.  The rudder is amazing and so much stiffer the first jib I almost tossed myself off the boat. It takes about half the rudder movement.  I had a 18.3 ten second average and 19 knot top speed in maybe 8 knot of wind max.  It was light enough that I had trouble getting up on the foils, but was ripping once I was up. …  So I was ripping along at 18 knots with a 1 meter roster tail going behind the boat.  The rudder really is perfect.  Plus the work I did on the
main foil and control system, the  boat feels like a completely different boat. Looking forward to trying to tomorrow in some more breeze.  Nothing broke so I am really happy with how everything feels on the boat at the moment.”

I am packing up for Garda and cannot wait to try the new rudder there…

In addition to the new rudder something else happened: I picked up the new shirts I made to promote the Assassin and They were printed using screenprint and are really high quality. Here are a couple pictures of it:


Here you can see Cassian (our awesome designer who deserves all credit for studdex and foilermoth) trying on the first shirt:


If you want to have a shirt for yourself they cost € 25 (+ shipping when you don’t live in Germany). Just email me to

Harald’s mould

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

As promised I wanted to show you the pictures of Harald’s mould. Besides Doug Harald is the only one still building his own boats. Harald complained to me that he has got too much work to do and thus doesn’t progress as fast as he would like. It is a real shame the so called recession hasn’t hit the Bodensee yet.

Anyhow, here are the pics:

I think the transom is really interesting as Harald has chosen a narrow design again like we have seen on many boats before the foilers came along. However it is not as radical as the Mistress was…

Harald’s bending rudder

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

Today I got news from the shipping company: my new Holroyd rudder for my BR will arrive on Saturday, exactly one day too late. (my colleague asked the ingenious question why shipments never arrive one day too EARLY?)

However I can still go to Kiel on Friday thanks to Manfred who offered me his spare rudder. Thank you Manfred! I love this class and its sailors.

When I was in Zwischenahn Harald gave me a few files I want to share with you. Harald is an mothie veteran that returned to the class when he bought “All the way May” from Sven Cloppenburg(?) in 2006 (he returned when I had my first moth regatta, also at Zwischenahn). By now he has converted this boat to a foiler building his own foils. He doesn’t come out of the water early but he is surely fast once he does. Also he has to sit pretty far aft but see for yourself. Here is a video that was taken on the Bodensee, Harald’s native lake:

Take a close look to the rudder. It was actually built too light and thus bends like crazy. Here you can see it close-up

Harald and his bending rudder