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on the internet it is called sharing, not stealing

Friday, August 28th, 2009

As you might have noted Jon Emonson has joined the ranks of foilermoth together with Niki. He has already been waiting more than 3 weeks now for his Assassin to arrive but somehow the shipping company screwed everything up. He will start posting once he has got something to post about (i.e. his Assassin).

Also this week Phil made me really proud as he changed his site because he liked our foilermoth site so much. When I looked at his new site I found two videos I really needed to show you.

The first one is probably the most exciting moth racing video ever (due to the comments and the quality) and shows Nathan and Bora chasing each other at the worlds. Like I said I stole got this one from Phil:

And here is the other video I have stolen borrowed from Phil. I shows Cookie doing foiling gybes and is really educational (you know I love education, don’t you?)

I am waiting for my Holroyd rudder for my BR now. it should arrive next week just before the German Nationals. Here is a pic titled black gold…

black gold 011

lots of improvements in the web – none on the water

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

As I lost my rudder there hasn’t been anything happening on the water. I didn’t go to Kühlungborn but attended the 50 year anniversary of my Yacht Club, met a lot of folks and drank a bit too much and had loads of fun.

In the meantime however we have done some modifications to foilermoth. First of all we changed my blog from to as I wanted to integrate it into foilermoth entirely. I think the result looks nice but the problem is that everyone lost their rss feeds. Please update them (top right corner).

The second change we’ve made is opening up to other mothies. Niki became the official reseller for Austria for the Assassin and thus we decided to share the site. You will soon see some blog posts from him as well as from Jon Emonson. You can now also find Niki’s contact details here.

We also tweaked the site a bit and  changed the blogroll and made it a lot faster so you can finally enjoy using it. If you want to see your blog here too, please contact me.

After some requests we have also added the artwork to the side for download. If you want any of it you can have it here.

Also the worlds have produced some nice pictures that we will upload soon as well.

no regatta in Kühlungsborn

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Last week I had a lot of fun following the worlds. The level of professionalism the class has achieved boat wise and sailor wise is just unbelievable. And once again I realized that the Americans just know how to do a good event. The coverage on the web (photos, twitter, blogposts) etc were awesome and the sponsors they got were impressive. The worlds were just run like a business and I think it was to everyones benefit.

I myself also had a lot of fun sailing last week as Alex (the guy from Dubai) also put his BR on Stienitzsee for the weekend and we could go out in perfect conditions with two boats. As I usually don’t have a sailing partner it was quite a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately I had a little accident on Sunday that caused me to lose my rudder:

I was foiling near the shoreline when a canoe came out of the bushes. All I could do was an emergency gibe followed by an emergency capsize. When I righted the boat I didn’t think of anything bad until I grabbed the tiller extension and didn’t feel anything. Then I realized that my whole rudder (vertical and horizontal) was gone. First we rescued the boat and towed me back in and then we searched for the rudder for 2.5h and didn’t find it. I never wanna have a black rudder again ;-(

My insurance is not yet sure if they are going to pay for it as they only pay for stuff that is connected tightly with the boat (a moth rudder definitely is in my opinion). However in my opinion the BR rudder is just too expensive so I ordered a Holroyd foil from Darran and Holly yesterday. It should be here before the German nationals.

Unfortunately it won’t be here for the regatta in Kühlungsborn and thus I decided to fly to cologne tomorrow to attend the 50year celebration of our sailing club and see my parents again (it has been 4 month).

I hope everyone going to Kühlungborn is having a great regatta, See you all in Kiel

my first regatta this season

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

I know everyone in the mothosphere is only looking towards the US at the moment. Unfortunately some of us Germans couldn’t be there and thus decided to go to Bad Zwischenahn for a weekend of fun.

Now that I am back on the road again thanks to the German department of transportation I picked up my boat on Thursday and planned to drive Thursday night to have a day of practice. Unfortunately I got an important business meeting set up for Thursday evening 7pm. By the time the meeting was over it was already 11pm and I decided to drive the 450km the next morning.

Being on the road again was fun. I really enjoy driving except for the people that don’t keep right and the dutch (sorry Koos). In addition I always turn up the music really loud and enjoy some drum’n'bass and some rock (see bottom of post for examples). As I like to go fast (I travel an average of around 160kmh with a moth on my car) I tie the boat with lots of tension belts (5+). This is how it looks like:

Anyhow I was the only one on Friday and after setting up my tent I went outside for a spin but only got onto foils once for 10m. It was still fun and when I went back on shore Sven just arrived and I had someone to chat to. Later Alex arrived with his uncle Frank and we had a nice evening.

The next day Harald and Manfred arrived so we were complete with 5 boats (4BR and one home built). The conditions for the first race where pretty poor but we decided to go ahead anyways with a complete lowriding race.

I screwed up my start as the ropes on my tramp ripped two minutes before start. I capsized the boat right away, took my spare rope that I always keep with me, fixed the issue and crossed the starting line a few minutes late. Harald, always really good lowriding was leading the field, tightly followed by Sven and Manfred while Alex was in fourth place. Unfortunately Harald went for the wrong buoy and thus lost his lead to Sven. My only goal was to catch up to Alex and I got closer and closer all the time. The race committee shortened the course so I had no time to lose. While Alex tried to get on foils and bore away I tried to go as high as possible. In the end I got into fourth place by about 10cm. No-one could tell who was first when crossing the line. I really got a kick out of chasing Alex.

The next race had some better conditions and I had a good start following Manfred foiling to the first buoy. On the broad reach I was chasing Alex once again and caught up to him quite fast. However I screwed up a bit, dropped down and couldn’t get up again. On the abaft course I got up on foils a few times and finally made my first foiling gybe without capsizing (I touched the water though). In the end I was in last place for this race, fourth was Harald, third was Alex, second Manfred and first Sven once again.

In the evening we used my iphone to check on the news about the world’s and were really impressed by Bora as he won both challenges. Really impressive. After something to eat and a few beer I joined the club’s summer party with Frank and had some fun.

Today started with an awesome breakfast at the club. Unfortunately there was no wind and we heard the stuff we always hear:
“you should have been here the day before the day before yesterday” and my favorite “usually it is not like this….”
Alex and I played some Frisbee and put together our tents before we finally decided not to race and packed our boats up. In the end I came in last, 4th was Alex, 3rd was Harald, 2nd Manfred and 1st Sven.

When prices were awarded the race committee made a promise to the mothies. If we come next year and if there is one single moth that hasn’t foiled during the regatta we will get a keg of beer. Hope we will find a lowrider willing to race for the event next year.

When we packed up the boats I realized once again that the moth is a development class. Everyone had a different way to transport the boat. Harald turns the whole boat upsite down and puts the wings on his car. He is always the fastest one, Manfred uses a trailer and is also really quick. Alex takes off the wingbars and puts everything in the car, Sven, the engineer he is, has special cut ropes, additional lights on the tramps and screws the trolley onto his roof racks – really sophisticated. I just use lots of ropes and straps, leave the frames on and head off.

Here are some pics of everyone but Sven (he escaped my iphone):

Alex and Frank

Manfred and Harald

and myself

All in all it was a nice event and I am really glad I went there to meet the folks and be at a regatta again. I decided to go to Kühlungsborn in 2 weeks and cannot wait. In the meantime I will be engaged in the worlds (it is called internet mothing) and wait for my Assassin to arrive.

Here are the promised examples of music I listen too when driving:

Kyuss – green machine

Chase Status – take me away

the observer all stars – rebel dance


driver’s license is back

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Yesterday I have received my driver’s license. It has been 7 awful weeks. It was the reason I didn’t go to the European’s and couldn’t go to Walchensee last weekend. Also I only sailed 2 times in the last 8 weeks. Sucks, doesn’t it?

But now I have to stop complaining. The Walchensee regatta seemed to be a big blast and there have been 12 entries in total. You can see the results here. I tried sailing last sunday (my brother had a day off and could drive me) but I think the picture explains what I did instead:

As I have missed this regatta I have signed up for Zwischenahn this weekend and I am really looking forward to my first moth regatta. However as it will only be the 3rd day of sailing in 2009 (4th when I count the Mach2 sail on Lochly’s boat) it is more about meeting the people and getting some practice.

There have also been some news about the Assassin. Jon Emonson will get his Assassin sometime next week and I have invited him to write about it on this blog. So you can expect more posts in the future.
My Assassin is due to be shipped beginning of September and I cannot wait. There will also be some Assassins at the world’s and I am really curious how they will perform.