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new Assassin pics

Monday, July 6th, 2009

I just uploaded the newest Assasin moth pics from Devin to foilermoth. Like always you can download them if you want to.

When I look at those pics I am craving even more for my Assassin.

new foilermoth site is up and running

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

Today I finally can make an announcement that hasn’t got something to do with my driver’s license. Most of you have probably already seen it but the new foilermoth website is up and running. The big benefit of owning studdex is that you can always rely on your staffs skills. So our webdesigner Cassian together with our polish developer Mariusz put in some extra hours and have set up the new foilermoth site. Here is a screenie:

The goal was to put enough information on there to make people that are new to the moth curious about this wonderful boat while also advertising my new job as an Assassin reseller for central Europe. In addition I also wanted to share more information about my sailing life and thus incorporated my private blog on foilermoth as well.

I still have got lots of plans for and thus we will put out new features every time we can spare some time at studdex. One of the first features we added is a picture gallery. I have added all the pics from Kieler Woche 2008 and also added a download button so you can finally have them all. Also if you have got additional moth pics from regattas just send them to me and we will put them on so everyone can download them.

So check it out at Feedback is highly appreciated

driver’s license nightmare continues

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Not much sailing going on at the moment, as there is no wind in Berlin at the moment. It is incredible hot and humid and the leaves are not performing any action whatsoever. To male matters worse I got a call today from the Führerscheinstelle telling me that my later had arrived open and my driver’s license was NOT in the envelope anymore. (It took them 2 weeks to even tell me)

Now the situation is as follows: the 4 weeks without a license only start when the Führerscheinstelle has received my driver’s license and I am also not allowed to drive right now as I do not have a license. So now I have to order a new license, pay 85€ for it, pick it up, hand it to the Führerscheinstelle and wait for 4 more weeks till I can get it back. Thus by noq I expect to be without a license until middle of August. Awesome, isn’t it?