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Monday, June 29th, 2009

just like I predicted here are two very good posts about the Europeans. As always Fred has a great long post up (how does he find the time???). The second post is from Mike Cooke who did an amazing job with his Ninja.

the Europeans are over

Monday, June 29th, 2009

now the Europeans are over and again it has been a regatta with lots of wind just as I like it. Unfortunately here in Berlin there is still no wind in sight, I actually planned to go sailing with my brother, as he has a day off, has got my car and a valid license. However the forecast says 3-4knots. Sometimes it seems all a bit unfair.

Ian Gotts, a future assassin owner, has sent me the results for the Europeans:

1st Arnaud Psarofaghis Switzerland, Mach 2, 8 points
2nd Simon Payne GBR, Mach 2, 8 points
3rd Eelco Boers Holland, Bladerider, 20 points
4th Mike Lennon GBR, Mach 2 ,27 points
5th Mike Cooke GBR, Ninja, 31 points

It is really impressive to see first and second place having the same amount of points, it must have been a very close race till the end. Also I am quite impressed with Mike Cooke on his Ninja – it must be a really good boat.

Here is the full results list

Here is a list of all the articles about the Europeans:

Eelco Boers
Joe Bousquet

I bet there will be more posts about the Europeans soon.

craving for sailing

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

I am craiving to go mothing. But as I can’t I have made a “video”. Actually it is just a cool slideshow of known pictures made with animoto.

Have fun:

Europeans are cancelled

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

After my last post I have been thinking a lot about what to do with the Europeans. I have decided not to go as it would have been illegal to drive without a license and my lawyer André recommended not to do it. So I am staying in Berlin working and I am really pissed! I hate governments – all of them!

nothing works out the way I want it to

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Hi Guys, the last week was really good company wise but a complete disaster for my moth life two bad things happened:

1. It looks like I cannot go to the Europeans!

Why? Because I need to hand my driver’s license to the f***ing german police. Why? Because in December I drove 155km/h on the German autobahn where I was only allowed to go 100km/h. To defend myself: it was 4:30 a.m and it was a three lane road with no cars in sight. Why did this come so unexpectedly? Well, I had 6 month to turn in my driver’s license but was told that I could pay 200€ instead and keep it. Now I advised the payment and got a call that I cannot keep the license as I would have needed to fill out a form within two weeks after receiving the original letter. (I was in Brazil at that time) The good news is that I will get my money back, the bad is that the police will turn up at my parents house (officially I never moved out, as I don’t want to do all the paperwork) and collect my driver’s license. I have got time till the 19th of June and will get it back on 19th of July.
Now I see five options:
a) hand in my license on time and drive without a license to Horsens
b) don’t turn in the license and see what happens
c) don’t go to Horsens (I hate this option)
d) convince the bitch at the Bußgeldstelle to stop being bureaucratic and just accept my payment
e) find someone who can drive (with) me from Berlin to Horsens (help anyone?)
But today things got even worse:

2. I didn’t sail today!

I went to the sailing club for the first time after moving to Berlin. I collected all stuff from different places (some stuff was at my boat, the sail was in my apartment while the mast was in the office) – as moving caused some trouble.
I arrived at the sailing club with a beautiful breeze and nice sunny weather, set up the moth and …forgot the foils!!!! So all I could do was a bit of maintenance on the boat and cry while everyone had fun. I decided to go to the office on today (Saturday) bow and leave early on Monday so I can still get two days of sailing done. This is what it looked like (I want your sympathy):

studdex won seedcamp

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

I am still excited and just arrived in the office after some early morning beers last night. Yesterday we have been going to Mini Seedcamp Berlin as we have been selected one of the top 20 start ups from over 60 applicants. So yesterday we pitched studdex to a lot of investors from Germany, France, UK and neighboring countries. I had to do a 5 minute pitch describing what studdex does. Then all the investors picked their favorites and we have been appointed one of the four winners of Seedcamp. Here is the TechCrunch article.

Assassin goes Europe

Monday, June 8th, 2009

Most of you have probably already heard the news about my involvement with the Assassin. Since Saturday I am (or better olapa, my company) is an Assassin reseller for Scandinavia, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary.

I was really excited about the Assassin project when I first heard about it in February. Soon afterwards I dropped Darren a few emails. In April I flew down to New Zealand to attend another conference on global education for Being in Auckland I took the chance to meet Darren and Holly. Driving down to Tauranga was a nightmare (see this post where I describe my first encounter with the Assassin) but well worth it.

I was amazed by the Assassin moth immediately and also connected with Holly and Darren right away. What I really liked is the background Darren and Holly come from. Darren has been building boats for many years and both have been bladerider resellers for New Zealand and both sail the moth as often as they can. This is great as they know what they are talking about and fixed all the weaknesses of the Bladerider.
Also when they want to improve something they can do so right away without sending lots of emails and pictures to China like BR needs to do. All Assassins are build right in New Zealand just off the shoreline. Also Dave replied that he doesn’t need to be gready when asked about the Assassin’s price.

As I have build moths myself (even when none is finished at the moment) I really appreciated seeing the fabrication of the Assassin. When I saw the way boat was build and how many stringers it had and how stiff and light it was I knew that Darren and Holly where onto something big.

When I had supper with them I told them that I have seen numerous mothies breaking stuff and waiting for more than 3 month to get a replacement part from BR. Thus I was suggesting setting up a spare part hub in Europe so when something brakes it can be replaced right away. Discussing this topic further is how I ended up with the resellership.

In the future I will have a boat for demonstrations (just drop me an email to felix(at)foilermoth,com when you want to have a try). Also in the meantime you can always try out my old boat).
And we will keep all, and I really mean all, parts here in Berlin and mail them out within 24h after we received the enquiry so you guys never have to stay on shore. As I already got the infrastructure in place through studdex we can support enquiries in the following languages: German, English, Polish, Italian, French and Arabic and we will be able to offer Portugese in September.

You can always reach us at
or at
+49(0)30-831 089 42.

Soon we will set up a website with all the information and offers. I am personally really excited about playing a more active part in the moth scene and would love to see even more boats on the water. More to follow soon.

Here is the actual press release from assassin

on the move

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

This is how it looks when a moth, an office and 5 employees move to Berlin. After returning from the US on Sunday I went straight to the sailing club for two awesome days of sailing (unfortunately I forgot my gloves and thus had to tape my fingers…). Monday was a holiday in Germany ( I do not think there is any other country in the world who has got so many holidays ). After the sail I put the boat on my car and went to my parents home where I changed the tires of the car and got all my moth stuff together. Actually I moved out of my old apartment end of February and just lived in the office or abroad. In all three month without an apartment I was only home 3 weeks…
Actually this is the first time I am moving with my boat as my parent’s lake was the best within an hours drive so I just left my boats there. Now that I had to pack everything up I realized for the first time how much junk you have. I moved with:
4 different kinds of epoxy,
4 mast, booms and sails (actually one set is going to Harald shortly for his new homebuild, if you are interested in an used BR mast and boom just drop me an email to felix{at}
lots of carbon
two spreaders and 3 sets of shrouds,
two frames.
and lots of tools including a scale for weighing epoxy, powertools, extra ropes, shackles, screwdrivers, sanding paper, brushes,
to make a long story short moving with a moth is a nightmare…

For some odd reason I left at the same time my employees left but Lukas and I reached Berlin 1h20min before our next employee showed up. And we are only talking about 550km here! Anyhow after my employees arrived the first priority was to set the office up. We achieved this goal even though the office is still looking like complete chaos:

After doing the office we did my apartment. I am currently sleeping on a mattress on the floor and try to screw together my furniture when I get home at 9:30pm. I can already tell that I have got great neighbors – no one has complained about the noise -yet!

This is how my apartment looks

On Wednesday I had to get rid of my moth as driving with a moth on the car though Berlin is not the best thing to do. Also I needed my car to go to the hardware store or to IKEA. My favorite lake is the Müggelsee but I called a few sailing clubs there and no-one can place a moth there as it is mostly to shallow. I also had one sailing club that told me that they don’t want to have a moth there! Stupid idiots!

So for now I placed my boat at Stientzsee where the Berlin moth regatta has been held two weeks ago. For now my boat can stay there but I still have to find a new Club on a lake with more wind.

All in all the last week has been really stressful, I even had to hang up on Fred as I was just in the middle of putting a desk together (also IKEA). I think everything will sort itself out within the next 2 weeks and then things should go smooth (yeah right!)

So now that i live in Berlin whenever one of you comes here you can stay at my place and we can always arrange some sailing.

back in Germany

Monday, June 1st, 2009

I just arrived from a dreadful United Airways flight from LA to Frankfurt on Saturday afternoon. After catching some sleep I went to the sailing club on Sunday. We had an Opti regatta and enough wind to go foiling every 10 minutes. The biggest lessing: after I ripped my ligaments in January and have been travelling a lot (NZ and US) and haven’t been able to follow my exercise program my body is in sorry state. Thus I plan to sail at least three times a week till the Europeans in Horsens. Also I will leave my car at home and take the bike…

Here are some pics:

this is how it starts


this is how it ends

I am going to the sailing club right now and try to repeat it. Conditions look good so far. Tonight I have to pack my moth up as it is getting a new home in Berlin.