moth sailing in dubai

Fred has called me last week to ask if I am still alive, as I haven’t posted for so long. I am not dead, I just haven’t had the time to sail.

But finally I got some mothing done. I am currently on a business trip and I just arrived in South Africa. However I had a quick stop over (2days) in Dubai.

There I have called Chris up, as I thought we could meet for supper. But Chris had another idea. He invited me to sail right away.

Thus I went to the Dubai International Marine Club right after my last meeting at Wollongong University. There was a rigged up moth waiting for us.

We sailed Glenns boat which was bought by Kerstin, a German girl from Berlin who works for an oil company in Dubai. Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so there are no pictures of us foiling, but at least you can see a picture of the sailing club ;-)

Chris has been really succesfull selling Bladeriders. He has sold more than 5 boats in the last 2 weeks. This means that there will be 11 boats in Dubai by the end of the year.

Also there is going to be a big moth sailing event in March, which I would really like to attend. Dubai is one of the best sailing locations I have ever sailed at. Just amazing.

After two hours of sailing we went out for dinner. Her you can see a picture of Chris and Kerstin.

Thanks a lot to both of you!

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