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Moth at Kiel

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

Right now I am sitting at Kiel Schilksee where we have got our moth Germans. The weather is great so is the atmospere. And most important I got free internet.

The sailing is great, Adam’s new Velocirapture is quite a bit faster than the bladeriders. He gets out of the water earlier and he just nailed three 1st places yesterday.

I myself wasn’t on the water yesterday, as my compression strut broke. After fixing this I went out today and sailed for about 2 ours till my push rod broke. Right now I am going to get a gas cable for an engine, just like everyone else has. I have always had problems with this steering and it is really annoying if you always get out of the water and crash.

So I will get back to the boat and write a new post some time later

less moth sailing

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

I havent’t posted anything in the last couple weeks, even though there have been many moth experiences and issues.

The reason why you haven’t seen any posts is because I was busy getting some additional venture capital for my company ( The last two weeks have been spent with accountants and lawyers. Now the deal is signed, we own less of our company and we got a lot of money in the bank (unfortunately the company’s account, not mine ;-( )

Now I am looking for 3 new employees and I am really busy getting the company up and running. It hasn’t been a good idea to build a moth while developing a company, but moth builders are never rational.

Unfortunately I have to pay my dues. this means that I will not going to the worlds in Weymouth. I haven’t had any time to work on my boat, it looks awefull and I haven’t had a chance to sail enough. I will still go to Garda and Bad Zwischenahn, but that is about all I am going to do besides the usual workshop stuff.

Sorry Doug

….. still on

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

I couldn’t sail last weekend, as I had a university seminar on corporate taxation – and yes, it is as bad as it sounds.
(Un)fortunately Doug hasn’t had a chance to sail either, so the race is still on – till Friday. We both are going to sail at the Ammersee next weekend.
The best outcome would be a picture of us foiling next to each other.
Anyway, I am exited about my first regatta and I really like to see Doug in Person for the first time (he seems so familiar by reading each others blogs and writing email)

There has been so much to repair on my boat, that I didn’t care about looks at all. Thus – now that nothing breaks anymore – it was the right time to give her some cosmetic surgery. I already sanded all the paint off and repainted the deck. I plan to spray paint her on Thursday and put the new logo on her. I have also ordered a new boat lettering and sail numbers. If everything arives on time I will christen her at the Ammersee regatta.

Hope to see you all there