heavencanwait has left my custody

Last weekend I didn’t only foil, I also sold my old boat, heavencanwait.

She has been my first own boat ever – all the boats before have been club-boats from the YCL. Last September I picked her up in Berlin from the Bittners. After sailing every second I could I participated at the German Open in Zwischenahn and got a very good ninth place after only 5 weekends of moth sailing.

By then I was infected and thought about getting a foiler. I mulled over many different possibilities, getting a used foiler, converting heavencanwait, buying a bladerider (there was no velociraptor in sight at this moment) or building my own boat. Due to financial limitations I decided to build my own moth and got great support from the Mothies around the world.

Anyway, I couldn’t afford two boats and thus I put up heavencanwait for sale. A young student from Hannover picked her up on Sunday and he reminded me very much of my situation when I got her half a year earlier.

Before I sold her I got out for a whole day of sailing on Friday. Even though the winds were great I didn’t take my foiling moth, as I wanted to say good bye to heavencanwait with a last spin around the lake.

When the boat was up on the car roof and left the sailing club it was tough to see her go – I just hope to see her again on some Regattas

Farewell heavencanwait!

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