I did it

The weather gods have discontinued my punishment. Today there was wind. And I foiled.

i have been on the water for 6 hours today and foild 20 min. There was an Optimist regatta at our Yacht Club. All parents were sitting on the porch and all were suprised when I foiled right thru their children.
When I went by I heard stuff like: “That is not possible”, or “I want one”. On land I heard some child say ” Dad, could you by a moth for our family?”

But back to the boat: it behaved great. It was comparable to Fred’s Bladerider which I could test-sail in France. A very smooth ride and she behaved great. After my first foiling meters I screamed out for joy so that everyone on the porch heard it.

Best of it however was, that I have beaten an A-Cat in speed.

Unfortunately I still do not have a picture, as the DLRG guy on the speed boat forgot to recharge his camera.

The wind forecast for tomorrow is promising and I hope to get a pic then.

However the most important thing is that I know that my boat works!

2 Responses to “I did it”

  1. Doug Culnane says:

    Well done. I am very happy you got the reward for your hard work. I hope you foil again tomorrow but make sure you get a pic posted fast because it is cocks away day on Monday for me. The wind goods forcast is good and my machine is coming together. I will make sure that my camera crew pack spare batteries.

  2. Koos says:

    Well done mate! Respect!

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