sick of lowriding

It has been 4 weeks since my boat has been repaired. Since then I haven’t had any breakages. Unfortunately the wind is not on my side. The picture on the left was taken last sunday – great isn’t it. The weather forecast for the Biggesee doesn’t look to good for this weekend either. I think I have to go on a trip to the Netherlands to foil my boat. Especially for the first time you foil you need good and steady conditions, as you still need to trim your boat and try every setting.
Unfortunately the next two weekends are densely packed.
This weekend I will sell my old moth – she is picked up on Saturday. Next weekend I got an important business meeting in Berlin, so there is no chance to got to the Netherlands either.

Doug’s boat is looking quite cool. He still has got a long list of work to be done, but he could be able to launch his boat this weekend. This would make me the loser in the build race – actually I do not really care if I win, all I want is to foil. I am sick of lowriding!!!

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  1. Fred says:

    Felix, take your boat with you to Berlin. At least you have a chance to water it. At the Stienitzsee there are other Mothies. I think that Leo might have received his BR by now. You will find company there. Looks like no mothing for me this weekend. We will use the canoe for the first time. And on Sunday there is a big christening party for 3 boats at Schleim√ľnde. A place which you only reach by boat. We will take the Bull out.

  2. Doug Culnane says:

    Man that is bad luck. You must have really upset the wind gods.I hope we both get flying this weekend.All the best,Doug

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