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no words

Monday, April 28th, 2008

I will not write much on this post. The picture above should answere the question if I have foiled yet…
The picture shows the only vessel that moved on the Bigge over the weekend. I got out for a couple of hours, for some minor lowriding. The boat feels good and there hasn’t been anything to repair for the last 2 weeks.

open source and the moth class

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Karl has started an discussion about the open source movement and linked it to the moth class.
Doug has written a great reply on his blog.

In general I agree with Doug about the open source issue that Karl has started.
However as a student (and true believer) of business economics I cannot agree that patents are an evil thing in general. As you know it is all about the incentives. With every patent you create a monopoly but you also provide the developers an incentive to put (a lot) of money into research. As a monopoly isn’t a good thing at all, but you do not want developers to stop developing as there isn’t an incentive, all patents expire after some time.
As a home builder I didn’t like the idea of Bladerider patenting anything, but just like Doug said, it is very difficult to patent anything in the moth class. Besides corporations really have to think about open source as a way to establish value for the company (the Bladerider troubleshooting guide is a good example for this.
Besides corporations can now lose their customers by using a restrictive intellectual property management.

no wind, no wind

Monday, April 21st, 2008

The weekend was just like I feared – no wind at all. I did some minor improvements on the boat like cutting all the ropes and polishing the hull, but I didn’t get on the water once.
This means there is still not a foiling picture of one of my moth.
As the Alfsee regatta was canceled I will give it another shot next Saturday at our Yacht Club.

more pictures

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Kerstin and Manfred have just returned from France and have sent me some pictures right away.
After reading some blogs it looks like Martin Zäh has already been flying – once he has sent a picture he has won the build race. I am going to sail on Friday. Hope to get a picture then.

Here is a nother pic showing me and Manfred:

Everything’s fixed

Monday, April 14th, 2008

I took the moth out yesterday and everything worked. All changes have proved to be work out allright. Unfortunately there hasn’t been enough wind to get on foils. I plan to continue testing next weekend. Hopefully the wind will work in my favor this time…

first pictures

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

I have been in the workshop till 4 am this morning and got all reinforcements done. Unfortunately there is no wind, so it doesn’t look like I can test the moth today. I will call the sailing club in a couple hours to check on the wind conditions.

Here are the first two pictures of our moth while sailing:

has she foiled?

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

We just returned from France this morning – earlier than planned due to cold weather and bad wind and a broken moth…

First we redid the whole wand mechanism (my design just didn’t work out). We took out the hose and replaced it with a straight tube. We also got rid of the wire and put in a solid glas fibre push rod. After all this work was done we got a note that the sails have arrived (Wednesday afternoon instead of Monday morning). The four new MSL 13 look great – Amac has done a great job.

So we got the moth all done and I put her in the water for the first time. She behaved great, steering was good and every rope and angle seemed right. I just got about 5cm above the water when I heard two snaps. First I noticed that the portside compression strut mushroomed. Back on shore I noticed that the compression struts of the Bladerider are reinforced at the ends for this reason.

The second snap was the more serious one – the rear wing bar delaminated on the deck. This meant that I capsized the boat and swam back to the beach, as I didn’t want any more damage. After we looked at the deck we decided, that we couldn’t repair it in France so we dismantled the boat and put it back in the caravan.

Manfred was so kind to let me sail his bladerider so I could at least sail a little. Thanks again, Fred!

Today I put in a complete day at the workshop to reinforce the stucture and I will spabond the last part in a couple hours so we will hopefully test the boat on Sunday again.

Kerstin has made some pictures of me lowriding that I haven’t gotten yet. Will upload them as soon as possible.

finally at the ocean

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

We have left Germany on Saturday afternoon, after I have spent the whole night boat building and the whole morning caravan packing. Once we hit the road I took turns with my father, so one could sleep while the other drove. This meant, that we were in Marseille on Sunday morning at 9am.

Then disaster struck. Our rear tires blew up. After waiting for the repair truck for almost an hour we were informed, that our tire size wasn’t on stock and that we would need to wait till Monday morning to get the tires (We have had one spare wheel but unfortunately both double tires blew up). So we were stuck on a parking spot for 24hours. Next morning the French mechanic was so slow, that all three of us crunched our teeth. Finally we could continue our ride at 10am and finally met Manfred and Kerstin at 2 o’clock.

Fred told us, that the wind condition had not been good so far and he didn’t sail for more than half an hour, yet. So yesterday we continued building the boats and do the finishing touches (Cunningham, downhaul etc).

Unfortunately our sails are not here yet, so I checked on the DHL web site. Our sails have left Marseille at 7am this morning, so they should arrive soon.

I plan on taking out the boat today and post a picture of me on the foiling Prototype.
Wish me luck….

day zero

Saturday, April 5th, 2008

I have just returned from moth building (2 am in the morning) and I got everything done, except for two holes I gotta drill tomorrow.

We did not get our third moth done, so we are just gonna take two moth ( plus my old lowrider) down to France.
Fred has already hit the road and we are going at noon (Saturday). We will drive without foils or masts, as our shipment has been delayed.

Amac woke me up on Wednesday at 3am to tell me, that they had some weather issues and the packages won’t arrive till saturday (today). Now Amac sent the sails directly to our camping site. I just hope this works out…

Today I have done all the finishing touches: Fred’s gantry, wing tube bars and the rudderbox. Besides I have done our center board foil today.
And I also added a new compression strut to both boats (see picture above), as Ole pointed out, that the down haul might otherwise smash our Mast pole.

I am going to bed now – in the morning I have to load the boats, walk the dogs, pack my stuff (not done yet ;-) and fix my bicycle.
Sound like fun doesn’t it?

April fools day

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

Today is April Fools’ day. This day is always very special to me, as it is closely linked with my own fate.

On April Fool’s Day 1985 my mother came home and met my father while wood-chopping. After my father lowered the axe, my mother told him, that she was pragnant. My father burst out laughing like crazy.

My mother was stumbled and said: “why are you laughing, I am pragnant”. My father continued to laugh uncontrollably and my mother got angry and yelled “I am pragnant, goddamit!” My father was still laughing and my mother left the scene and was very pissed.

In the evening my father complimented her on this great April Fool. My mother finally understood why my father had been laughing earlier and explained to him that it was actually not a joke after all.

Since that moment I am my families favorite April Fools’ Joke