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Fred’s Moth

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

Besides laminating the foil, I have continued work on my moth and painted Fred’s. His boat is painted orange. When we painted the boat orange we chose the design in a way that all defects are covered.
Everything that is not painted yet will be clear carbon

our first foil

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

This weekend we have mainly worked on the foils. By now we have laminated all 16 parts for two set of foils.
Unfortunately we have only put together one rudder foil. I do not know if we will be able to finish two sets of foils, as we are going to LaLavandou on Saturday and I still have to work on two boats.

I plan to return on Wednesday evening and work till Saturday. I will work till the very last minute on both boats, but if we cannot get all the work done, I will just take down the prototype, Fed’s boats and my old lowrider.

No matter how many boats I am going to take with me, I am really looking forward to this holiday and cannot wait till Monday when I will go sailing in the Mediterranean.

need a name

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

Today I was confronted with a funny question. Someone from my university asked me how I would call my boat. Of course I replied “She will be christened heavencanwait II”. He went on saying ” Oh no, I do not mean the name of your boat, I mean the name for your design”.

I was puzzled upon this reply. My buddy is right, every design has got a name: The Bladerider is the X8, aardvark has got the axiom, fastacraft got the Prowler and Velociraptor has got the Velociraptor. Even John Gilmour’s design has got a name: “Gilmour girls”. I don’t know, if John has made up this name or if it was made up by Doug?! Anyway, I do not want my design to be known as “Schulte girls”. So if anyone has got a design name for my 5 plus moth, please feel free to post a comment – I really need your help…

checking on my suppliers

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Today I have called up or emailed all of my suppliers as I am quite afraid, that our vacation in La Lavandou could be jeopardized by pur suppliers. I still think that this is our job, not our suppliers ;-)

Kohlhoff and CTM were great, they delivered right away. As did Latsch Sails and my Carbon Tube supplier. KA also promised to send the sails just in time (the shipment will leave Australia by Friday).

I really hope that everything will work out just fine.

I have just called my dad and he told me, that our foils do not have much stability on their own. We have put more than 14 layers in each mould. I just hope that the stability will increase with a wooden core and both halfs glued together.

Otherwise we will have an awfull lot of trouble…

it’s a tight schedule

Monday, March 24th, 2008

Our planned vacation is getting closer every second. As it is supposed to be a sailing vacation, I can see the advantage of having three moth done.

Unfortunately it is still a long way. This upcoming week I will doublecheck on all our suppliers for the expected deliveries. We are still lacking the following: carbon tubes, sails, riggs, foil steering mechanism and two trolleys. I also have to sent a new order to CTM, which is not a problem as they have always been great and reliable with their deliveries.

The biggest issues are the foils. We have got one set laminated which we still have to put together next weekend. We also got some parts for the second set of foils laminated. I have planned to go back to Olpe as soon as possible to work on the boats.

One thing is for sure though, it is gonna be very tight and we are definetely not going to sail with painted boats (one of my least worries).

Nevertheless we got a lot of things done over the long easter weekend. The second gantry is taking shape, and we finally put the hood on Fred’s boat. We also filled some parts on Freds hull, like the center board case and sanded the hull. The biggest task are the foils. Helmut took care of the “inner mechanics” of the center board. Klaus and I laminated the first foil parts on Friday and had lots of issues to get the party out of the mould. This meant, that we had to do some minor repairs on the mould which caused another delay – great. Anyway, this is how it looks right now:

The other thing that is keeping me tied up is the build race of Martin, Doug and me. Every day (sometimes twice a day) I go to Doug’s blog and look for a picture of the Flashheart or Martins build flying over the water. Everytime I cannot find this evidence I am relieved. I still wonder who will win…

we got something done over the weekend

Monday, March 17th, 2008

This weekend we got lots of “small” works done. We laminated the fourth hull and the fourth deck. Klaus started to paint the prototype, there’s some progress with the gantry, the foil moulds are done and can be waxed (we want to laminate the foils next weekend), we laminated parts for the trolley.

I know this is some good progress, but we have booked the camping site in La Lavandou for Fred and us and we still haven’t sailed the prototype, yet. Fred’s second boat is not done yet (no gantry) and the third boat hasn’t even got a deck.

And of course we still do not have the foils – two sets have to be done by April 5th. It is going to be 3 more very busy weeks.

Actually I am getting tired of building in this pace. Since January I have not spent a single weekend in Witten. Instead I am heading off to my parents house every weekend spending € 30 on gas and miss out on all birthday parties, movie nights etc.

Well this is what I am doing this for:

First tramp template

Friday, March 14th, 2008

I’ve just returned from Latsch, the sailmaker who males our tramps and boat covers. Unfortunately I forgot that the holidays started today. Thus I was stuck in traffic jams for 5hours.

Anyway, when I got to Latsch I was quite impressed. Even though this is just a template you can already see the design featured.

The actual tramp will receive some mesh on the first 20cm from the hull so water and wind can get thorugh.

The hull connection is solved just like the Bladerider’s. But we do not tighten the tramp with an air bag inside the tramp. Instead we have decided to put laces underneath the tramp. I think the picture will explain this best:

If you want to see more pictures from the tramp click here.

Trying to quit smoking

Friday, March 14th, 2008

Like some of you may know I am not building these moth all alone. I have got two great helpers: one is Helmut a former 29er and new A-Cat sailor from our sailing club, the other is my father who wants to have a moth since I got one.

My father is the person you see on the photograph on the left. My father planned to quit smoking for good by Wednesday. The picture was taken last sunday. It seems to me that he is taking every minute to store as much nicotine till day zero.

We are planning to build five boats, one prototype which will be sold after testing, 3 boats for Helmut, my father and me and one boat for Manfred. Three boats have to be finished by April 5th, as Manfred, his companion, my father and I want to go sailing in La Lavandou.

The close relationship with Manfred led to some very great co-operation. Manfred just hired a new boats builder, Gunnar. Manfred send Gunnar to Olpe for one week to build moths with us. This is basically the only reason why we managed to build three hulls so far. Working with Gunnar was great. We have worked long hours and had quite a bit of fun. I really learned a lot of tricks like epoxy does not stick on Tesa package tape. I can only hope that Gunnar could take home some lessons as well. You can see how far we got here!
Unfortunately we broke our hood mould which meant that Gunnar could not take Manfred’s moth up north when he left. This is something I feel really sorry about, as it was very disappointing for us and especially for Manfred.

Today I am going to Latsch to pick up our prototype. They have made a template for the tramps. Even though the actual tramps are not done, I am going to pick up the prototype as I want to start painting it over the weekend.

Time is rushing

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

After such a long time without blogging I will first try to get you up to date:
By now we have got three hulls laminated.
=>The prototype took us all the time from November till today to finish. It is basically complete including rudder box and frame. However she has just got a Hibuild undercoat but hasn’t received varnishing yet. The prototype is currently at Latsch sails who fits the tramps and the boat cover
=> boat number two is nearly done. It is still missing a hood and the portside and starbord carbon tubes for the frame – delivery is accepted after easter. We are currently building the gantry for her.
=> boat three is deck-less right now. However the deck is already laminated. Again we have to wait for the carbon tube delivery as we have to add the mast pole first.

What we are going to do:
We want to laminate a new hull on saturday and finish the gantry for boat # 2. We are also planning to put the centerboard case in boat number 3.

Boat 2 and 3 still need some minor sanding and filling on the hull (each has got 3-4 little spots (1 Cent coin-sized))
When we build the prototype we had problems with vacuum bagging and thus the first hull had airholes all over. We filled and sanded for about 5 weeks straight.

Now that I reflect upon it we put the most money, the most time and the most anticipation in boat number one and build the worst of all our boats. the most expensive and the baddest…

"New moth blog"

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

Actually this is “not” a new moth blog. Instead I am just continuing my old blog on blogspot as blogger/google offers many technical advantages.